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Make your own Laptop Power Supply from a modded ATX (desktop) power supply Answered

There seem to be plenty of Ebay laptops that are being sold without power supplies. I've seen a few instructables where people are taking their desktop ATX power supply and making a bench power supply. From these bench supplies people are powering electronic circuits as well as other things. SO, that being said should you be able to power laptop computers from these ATX supplies? IF so, how would you go about doing it? Thanks! JP


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12 years ago

It's definitely and rather easily possible. You need to know a couple things beforehand though - most importantly, the input voltage that your laptop requires; also among other things the pinouts and voltages of the various connectors on an ATX power supply. There's definitely more to it than that, but i'm not too sure of them myself yet (i'm looking into doing the same thing) and what I could explain more would be easier for you to look up yourself. So go do some reasearch - have fun, good luck.