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Makefiles and HEX files? Answered

I am sorry for my stupidity but I am no AVR programmer. Here is my trouble. I am not so sure how to create a makefile in winavr or a hex file from some source code that I have. Whenever I do have code, it already has the makefile and the HEX file.

Also, if you edit source code is the HEX file going to change too or will it stay the same?

I noticed, that although an ATtiny85 is supposed to be compatible with the ATtiny25 when I try to program code into an ATtiny85 with ATtiny25 it doesn't work. Is there a place I change it to work with the ATtiny85...?



7 years ago

AT85 is an 8K size
AT25 is an 2K size
A HEX file for a 2K device is smaller then a 8K device
and the top of memory is usually where the jump vectors are stored.
Here is the PDF .
A hex file is created by running the assembler / compiler,
on your source code. 
Changing your source code does not mean the hex is updated unless
you are using a full software editor compiler system that does that for you.



Answer 7 years ago

Thanks a million...just one last question (I apologize for asking so many) which one should I use? Thanks again.