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Maker Faire 2009: Getta Grip Sewing Clips Answered

Sarah was particularly excited to run into Getta Grip Sewing Clips in the Craft area. Paul (right, holding clips) designed them for use with leather, but they're apparently great for any fabric you want to avoid pinning. As an extra bonus, they're designed to pop off nicely at the presser foot instead of sneaking under and breaking needles. When the first shipment comes in, we'll nab some of the clips to test and report back.

In the meantime, here's the demo video:



10 years ago

Brill Babies! Like the idea of adding indexed markings for seam allowances. show us some of the cool stuff you made...please???


10 years ago

These look like the fancy paper binder clips you find at Staples. They also look like the clips I have for keeping my potato chip bags closed. I think they should have put a straight edge on them with indexed markings for the seam allowance and you can use that as a visual guide when you run the fabric through.