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Maker/fab lab/AI special call for papers invitation Answered

Hi !My name is Andre Peres and I'm a professor and fab lab manager at Brazil.

Me and Fabiana Lorenzi are chairing a special track at flairs (The FLORIDA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH SOCIETY) about fab labs, makers and AI.

about the track: http://www.invenio.com.br/flairs/about

flairs: http://www.invenio.com.br/flairs/about

We are inviting interesting projects to submit to this track. When we made this special track we wanted to give fab labs and makers the opportunity to get together in this academic environment to talk, exchange experiences and also to get this opportunity to link academic research, the maker movment and personal digital fabrication.We hope you consider submiting your project to this special track, and also to see you at FLAIRS. best regards;




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2 years ago

I'm having trouble loading the links, where in Florida is it?