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Makers from Africa Answered

Hi there

I'm from Zambia and I've been on Instructables for about 2 years now. I don't come across many other makers here even though I know there are maker communities in Africa. Just wondering where you guys are.

If you're a maker from Africa or know any here could you please post a profile link. Would love to get to know as many as I can.


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5 years ago

This might actually be a nice addition to the Instructables features if asked at the right place.
Instead of asking and hoping someone might respond it would be so much easier to do a profile search.
Even if only the country is listed and searchable it would help a lot to find people.
Don't think an IP based search would be allowed though.


Reply 5 years ago


(Lady Sith, if you move this to "feedback", the right people will see it.)