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Making A Intercom System with parts around house. How can I get it to work? Answered

I want to make a 2 way intercom for my door so I dont have to get up and open the door when someone wants to talk to me. I have alot of parts I just need to know how I can make it work. So any Idea how I could make one? I got a microphone and I got plenty of speakers. Here is my preferred way I want it (If Possible). I want to be able to use my microphone to talk and have a speaker for listening, while on the other side of the door I want 1 speaker to be the Microphone and speaker with a button that switches between the microphone and speaker.



4 years ago

use two old phones connect them together and run power supply to it If i remember right it is AC not DC and you need about 40V


10 years ago

you should be able to directly hook the mic into the speakers, as long as you can build an lm386 amplifier. just do it twice, and hook a power switch on to the positive power lead to power down/mute the system.