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Making Diy Ring Light. Help? Answered

Ok at the moment i'm working on a Diy Ring Light.  
I will try to be as detailed as possible.  
The light source i'm using is from an old LED light box that has over 204 leds in a array  17x12 matrix 
I am using a Old circle fan outer shell for the ring shape and i already made the outer casing.

My problem is i am trying to wire these leds off of the matrix and in separate rows. 

My plan is wire these leds in a circle and connect the ends to the LED light box controller. 

Basically take the box led shape and make it into a circle.   At the moment the leds are attached to the board.  I have desoldered all of them almost and i have figured out the positive led and negative led.    As long as i wire the positive leds in a row and negative in its own row with paper clips and then connect it back up to the positive wire and negative wire on the controller i should have it working?

Is there something else i need to do?   It will be powered by the wall because the controller has its own dc input and i have the correct power supply for it.      

I will provide pictures if needed.   i hope this is enough info to help you guys help me.   Thanks.


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4 years ago

You have to analyze the way the LEDs were wired up on the original circuit board. They may have been grouped and wire in series or parallel to get the right voltage and current going through the sets of LEDs to power them up without burning them out. If you can figure out the specs or your LEDs and rating of your power supply, you can use any online LED calculator to help figure out how to wire them all up and any requirement for a resistor. Good luck.