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Making Internal HDD Windows 7 Bootable Answered

I found a guide on this website (link to follow) detailing how I can make my Internal HDD bootable for windows 7. I ran into an issue in step 2 with the command prompts.


I made a partition of my main drive of 500GBs. The new partition was set to drive J at 25GBs. I Began step 2, In CMD I ran the following prompts: diskpart, list disk (there was only one available), Select disk X, List partition. That is where i ran into the issue. What came up was on the CMD window
Partition ### ////Type///// Size /////Offset
Partition 3 Dynamic Data 992 KB 31 KB
Partition 1 Dynamic Data 199 MB 1024KB
Partition 2 Dynamic Data 422GB 200 MB
Partition 4 Dynamic Data 42 GB 422 GB

My question is which of the above partitions do i select to continue making my HDD bootable.

Thank you for your help


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