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Making Michael myers prop have a few questions Answered

I'm building a michael myers prop out of a bust on a pole type of maniquin and I want to make him sound or motion activated I'm planning on getting a radio shack recording module to record the Halloween song but my questions are
how can I make it sound activated or motion activated?
what else do I need to make this happen?
I also want to extend the speaker cord to put the speaker in his chest how can I do that?
and I need a new speaker because the one the recording module brings is pretty bad any good speakers you recommend for an animatronic?



5 years ago

You'd probably be best to use motion activation (as a sound sensor could also be activated by the sound from your speakers). An analog infrared sensor (http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=5&pr... will be quite effective. You'll need to connect it to an A/D converter (like the Phidgets 1011 or an Arduino) that is then connected to a computer with your program running. I guess that's a bit complicated, but hopefully that offers you something.

Extending speaker wire is pretty easy. Just buy more speaker wire, cut off one end of each. Put heat shrink on each wire, then solder the matching wires together and cover with the heat shrink. Since it's outdoors, you'll definitely want to make sure it's well protected from the elements. In all honesty, since you'll need to buy more wire anyway, you could just buy wire at the length that you need.

Good luck with your project.


5 years ago

You can get motion and sound activating modules and connect them to the play button on your recording module.

You can always solder a longer wire between the recorder and the speaker.

A better speaker isn't going to improve the sound form that module. It's a cheap module with low end audio capabilities.

If you want to to this right look into similar projects using the Arduino micro controller. You can find all sorts of sound and motion activated projects online that use an arduino or other micro controller.