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Making Single Serve Coffee Bags Answered

- How to Make Your Own Coffee Single Bags -

I discovered the most wonderful way to make your own coffee single
bags using ordinary coffee filters!

Step1: Take a single coffee filter 8-12 cup, and pour 1 1/2 TBSP
Coffee into the round bottom area. Fold the coffee filter in half
like a taco so that all the round edges meet, being careful to
keep the coffee within the half-moon region that represents the
circular bottom.

Step 2: Fold the bottom right corner up over the front up and to
the left as far as it will allow, then fold the bottom left corner
up over the front and to the right as far as it will allow. The
remaining edges of the coffee filter should stick up out of the
center slightly flanged wide.

Step 3: Fold the top right edge of the remaining filter down and
to the left and fold the top left edge of the remaining filter
down and to the right so they bring the top of the filter to meet
in the center. At this point the top of the filter may be
slightly pointed.

Step 4: Fold the top of the filter down once about 1/4" to create
a flat edge instead of a pointed edge. Finally, fold the entire
top down like an envelope flap to create a "satchel". Finish by
stapling through the folded top flap. If desired a string can be
stapled to the satchel at the same time.

The is a perfect coffee bag that prevents any grounds leaking out
and allows for enough space within the satchel to allow the water
to flow freely and steep out the coffee color and flavoring. I
prefer to leave the bag in my cup and just microwave the whole
thing for about 2.5 minutes. I then recommend you let it sit to
steep for an additional 2 minutes to fully develop the flavor.
These are ideal to make in advance and can be stored in ziplock
bags and taken to work for making a convenient single cup of

Give it a try!

Jeffrey Bryant Bishop


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Jeffrey Bryant Bishop

Sounds like you've got one of those Krups type european coffee filters. This Post refers of course to the standard drip coffee machine filters with a round basket. Thanks!

Jeffrey Bryant Bishop

I did publish a step-by-step instructable,thanks. I didn't really have any other pictures of each step. It's pretty straight forward so no one should run into any problems tho. It's just a very tedious and time consuming way of taking pictures using this computer's current equipment.



Reply 9 years ago

my "coffee filters" don't have round bottoms....they are elongated, even after opening....so the instructions kind of confuse me a little.


9 years ago

You might want to port this over to a photo or step-by-step instructable using the SUBMIT button above. Forum topics are usually for discussion in general.


Reply 9 years ago

+lots, as long as he includes better pictures.