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Making Sparks!?! I need to create a short circuit. Answered

Well I need to take a very small DC current and up the voltage some so that I can create a spark. I'm pretty clueless here, so can anyone help? If more details are needed I could provide some, but it's for a project that will very likely become my first instructable. Best answer will get a mention in my instructable if I do get around to making it.


Sylvester theJ

4 years ago

If you just need to create sparks for an effect I sell a small hand held device that runs on a single 9v battery and throws sparks up to 16 inches. If this works for you, please contact me at sylvesterthejester@hotmail.com


9 years ago

Ok to get the up on the voltage you would need a small dc to dc boost converter circuit. Does this project need a constant current and does time bother you because with a small current like 5mA the boost circuit will take a while to charge the capacitor. Heres a simple example of what i mean. The switch can be replaced with a transistor of your choice an an oscillating signal must also be feed into gate or base of the transistor you use.