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Making a 12v or 18v (Volt) Battery Answered

I am working on a project with my dad (36 volt powered Go-Kart) and we can't afford any fancy batteries or any at all.
I found a solution on Youtube where you could make your own 12 volt battery by using mason jars, sulfuric acid, and lead
but that sounds unstable and not powerful enough for our project, and even then that's only 12 volts.
So, what i am asking is: Is there any way i could make my own 18 volt batteries (2x to make 36) that are stable and 
powerful enough to power something like a Go-Kart?? (Go-Kart is 25-30lb as of right now)

Note: My options are:

1.Run 2x 18v batteries in parallel.

2.Run 3x 12v batteries in parallel. 

3. And any other voltage that can be combined to make 36 volts...

Thanks in advance!  :D


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4 years ago

I'm not much of a battery person but I that you should get a cheap lawn tractor battery and use that instead of trying to make your own