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Making a Chandelier with both LED and Incandescent light sources Answered

I have just started to make my own chandeliers and would like to incorporate LED lights along with normal incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs.  Do I need to add a resister with the LED light.  All the cords are being wired together as you would any other chandelier with multiple light bulbs.  I am a little confused when it comes to adding in an LED.  Please Help!



8 years ago

When you say "incorporate LED lights," are you imagining individual little LED "dots" (like the usual 2-3 volt dome-shaped indicators, or what you find inside LED flashlights)? Those would require a separate circuit to reduce the 110V (or 220V if you're outside North America) mains voltage down to the few volts the LEDs require.

If you just want to use screw-in commercial LED bulbs along side incandescent or CFL bulbs, that's trivial. All of the necessary circuitry is included in the screw-in bulbs, and you don't have to do anything special.

Could you clarify, in the text of your posting (by using the [Edit Topic] button), what you have in mind?

yard duckskelseymh

Reply 8 years ago

Sorry, I'm new at this. I am using the screw-in commercial LED Bulb with an incandescent bulb. Thanks for your answer, I figured the circuitry was included but wanted to make sure.