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Making a Jukebox Answered

Recently I started buying the CD;s from the artists that I liked from dowloading (U know, show some support etc). But they're dusting away in the closet since I aint got a nice CD player to play them on (except my laptop, but the music's already on there...)

I've set my brain on a jukebox-style CD-player, which for the design part wont be a problem since I study that, but I want to be able to select a CD and it will automatically pick that CD and play it. But I have absolutely NO idea how Im going to make that happen.

So if anyone's interested in brainstorming about making a jukebox from scratch together I'd be really thankful.

Anyways, gone stick my nose in car radio's that store multiple CD's...
Keep you posted!


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11 years ago

.  I don't believe you will be able to make one for less than you can buy one*.

*Not a recommendation, just the first good example I found.