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Making a Michael myers prop have a few questions? Answered

I'm building a michael myers prop out of a bust on a pole type of maniquin and I want to make him sound or motion activated I'm planning on getting a radio shack recording module to record the Halloween song but my questions are
how can I make it sound activated or motion activated?
what else do I need to make this happen?
I also want to extend the speaker cord to put the speaker in his chest how can I do that?
and I need a new speaker because the one the recording module brings is pretty bad any good speakers you recommend for an animatronic? 



5 years ago

Sound activation - quite hard - Your really looking at a microprocessor and some RC servoes.


Try getting one of the singing bass toys and see if you can hack it.


Answer 5 years ago

Those singing bass toys can certainly be hacked to say what ever you want, they also have a motion switch on them you can use.