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Making a PDF template Answered

How can I make a real-scaled PDF template for a printout?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 10 months ago

You use the words, "real-scaled", and to me this suggests precise geometry.

In the past I have used LibreOffice Draw, to make precise 2D drawings that I could print, and then tape, or glue, to a piece of material, for to tell me where to make cuts, drill holes, etc.

I think LibreOffice Draw has the option of printing to PDF, so as to make a scaled drawing, that is easy to share with others, and also not-so-easy for others to edit and modify.

By the way, it might be the case that you are interested in polygon nets, that can be printed on paper, then cut with scissors, and folded and glued, to make the 3D polygon.

About a year ago, I saw this topic,


It was someone who wanted to build a kind of wireframe shelf, for potted plants. I just wanted to make a small, paper version, of this, and I succeeded in doing this, and I even attached some files, including a PDF and a picture of the finished folded-paper-thingy, to a comment there.

The trouble is, I can barely remember how I did it. Which makes me think I should take better notes sometimes. ;O

TanyutJack A Lopez

Answer 10 months ago

LibreOffice Draw seems to be just what I was looking for! As long as it converts to PDF and is free (no budget there) it’s perfect!


10 months ago

A template of what?


Reply 10 months ago

Something which people can print- preserving the scale-and then use to cut out similar shapes on cardboard or wood. The technique is fairly common.