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Making a Self Roaming Robot Answered

Hey guys,
I am doing GCSE Electronics and I've decided that I would like to create a fully automated robot which will roam around on a patch of grass while avoiding any objects in its path (I would assume by using infra-red). I have searched the internet briefly but have not found anything useful. I would very much appreciate it if anyone could point me in the correct direction.

Thank you very much,


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10 years ago

There are a number of projects here (see the search box at the top of the page?) that could be adapted to that function, but you would have to give them larger wheels, bigger motors, bigger batteries to be able to drive through grass.

IR is also tricky to use out doors, since there are so many objects of different temperatures, plus that pesky IR-emitting Sun. Robot lawnmowers are sometimes "taught" where the edge of the lawn is, but most often there is a wire buried around the edge of the lawn, which the lawnmower detects and avoids.

You should be able to match all your GCSE specifications (which board are you doing? You could post a link to the spec) with a smaller robot that trundles around a kitchen floor avoiding skirting boards with IR or sonar, or one that runs on a table avoiding the edges.

Also, if you worked in tandem with one or more other students, you could all build mini sumo robots - working to the same rules, but not working together, videos and stats of sumo battles between the bots would make excellent documentation for the effectiveness of your project.

(Oh, and make sure you take plenty of photos and publish an Instructable of your robot, whatever style you choose.)