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Making a cordless dremel corded option? Answered

I recently bought a 8220 dremel with 2 battery.  even in the 3 weeks I have had it I have noticed the battery to be a bit annoying.  Using a bench power supply can i just set it to 12v 5amp and run it off that?.  Any large risk of it frying something important?  I am happy with the tool its just that I often forget to charge. 



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Are you saying that you actually have a bench type power supply, and you already have tried this, putting the power supply output in place of the battery, and setting the power supply's voltage and current limits to 12 volts and 5 amperes respectively?

Or are you speaking hypothetically, saying, "If I tried that, would it work?"

If you've already tried this idea, you have probably noticed that it works, but maybe you just have some doubts, about whether it is really working, or if there is some hidden problem, danger, whatever, waiting to rear its ugly head and explode your Dremel(r) tool and burn down your workshop.

So allow me to reassure you.

If your setup was in danger of exploding itself, it probably would have done this by now.

A bench type power supply really can work as replacement for a battery.

Moreover, if this bench type power supply is the kind I think it is, then it has some displays and stuff, meters for output current and voltage, and little indicator lights for you if it is in constant voltage (CV) mode or constant current (CC) mode.

The numbers on those displays, plus information from your other senses (e.g. Do you smell burning? Do your hands sense heat? ) can in fact tell you much more about what is happening electrically with your thing, than can the people who read this forum.

Even though some of us are clairvoyant. Some of the time.


One of the curious facts the displays on your power supply might tell you:

how much current ( in amperes) the 8220 Dremel(r) tool uses when its speed knob is turned up full tilt and the tool is grinding on something.

Armed with that information you could make an informed guess about what other power supplies might work well with your Dremel(r) tool, in case you wanted to use your bench supply for something else.


3 years ago

If it's the correct voltage, there shouldn't be a problem.