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Making a lightstand from a mono pod? Answered

Hello all, 

This is my first time posting on instructables.  I've found and used so many great photogrpahy ideas on here I figured someone might be able to help me out with a little problem I'm trying to solve.  

I got 5 of these:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?SID=u965992t2606681f30fp45859c0s701&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item=N82E16830997069

 got all 5 of them for $5 total because of a $30 giftcard I had.  They were on sale for $7 each.  

I'm trying to figure a way I can use these as lightstands for my speedlights.  I've had the thought of building an X type base out of wood with a bolt coming up through the base of the monopod but I was thinking of trying to find somethign that would be a bit more portable an X I could fold down somehow but that would still support the monopod.  

I'd be grateful for any ideas?



8 years ago

You can use 3 PVC "t" fittings and some pipe to make an "H" style leg set and a cap at the top to screw the bottom part of the monopod to, that would make a serviceable light stand and it wouldn't cost much either! I'd use 1 inch pipe to make it strong though. Message me if you need more details, I probably have something similar lying around.


8 years ago

Make some model rocket launch pad bases but substitute the launch rod for your monopod by screwing in from the bottom with an extended length bolt if needed. Couldn't find the one I had as a kid but the wood legs were more pointy so the bottom ends of the tripod legs were more tapered to fit the ground better.  Add no-slip tape strips on the bottom or rubber treads or feet for outdoor use.  You can paint it any color your want, black, day-glo, design, metallic, etc.   Tripod is more stable than X configuration.  Good luck.