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Making a phone headset from soney erricson into a pair of normal headphones? Answered

Hi, I have a pair of Sony Erricson Inear Phone Headphones, I'm wanting to make it into a plain pair of headphones. To do this i have chopped off the phone adapter and stripped back the outer insulation. What i have now are 5 wires. One uninsulated copper one that i presume acts as earth and an aerial, one black, one white both with plastic insulation and one green/blue and red with some form of wire insulation. All cables bar the copper uninsulated have a kind of fibre in the middle, can anyone help me identify which are the audio channels?



10 years ago

The greenish-blue and red ones are the left and right audio channels respectively, make sure you attach the ground (uninsulated copper) as well when wiring them. The black and white are for the mic, you could wire them with a second plug if you would ever plug them into a computer or the like for recording. The microphone will only be in mono, however; so be sure to get a mono plug. For info on how to prepare them for soldering, etc, see this instructable > https://www.instructables.com/id/Replacing-the-jack-on-a-pair-of-headphones/.