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Making a plush doll Answered

So. I'm attempting to make a Squid plush doll for a friend who's leaving for college.
This is the first time I have ever attempted something like this and I was wondering how I would go about sewing the seams. Like, would I sew it inside-out and then flip it right-side-in? And is there some preferred way to sew these?

Aside from that, I'm having trouble picking a material. It would be a bit large and I expect it to see a lot of use, so I want to stay away from felt. Also, I wanted to give it some character so I was thinking of making it out of polo shirts, but I have no idea if that would be a good material...Please help.


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10 years ago

They are usually sewn inside-out and then turned. You may need to use a drumstick or similar (and patience) to push the tentacles through.

Fabric: go for fleece - loads of colours and patterns available.

Apart from that - there are loads of "plush" Instructables on the site (see the search box in the top corner?), but I would try starting with Goosezilla's Squid Hat, and BeanGolem's projects (there's not much to tell between a giraffe neck and a squid tentacle).