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Making an awesome chandelier - the cheap way? Answered

Hello all

I'm very into art and like beautiful things in life. However, beautiful things are typically very expensive.

I've found this chandelier/loft lamp that i'm particularly into. It's the Jeremy Close Blossom. It dosen't seem very complicated (ok, it looks complicated, but many parts are exactly the same), but it is very beautiful and very, very expensive. It's a whopping $10,000!

The leafs themselves are made out of ceramic and the skeleton is made out of steel/aluminium.  What struck me was: isn't this a project that would be easily accomplished using a mould and some sort of foam? - paint it black and there you go..? The skeleton itself, i imagine, would be constructed by a series of concentric rings suspended on a wire of some sort. The leafs would them be clamped somehow to the rings by some sort of  tightening mechanism..

Any ideas how to do this one? - how would one make the shape of the leafs to make a mould? - are there anything out there on the market that looks like it, but is a lot cheaper?


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8 years ago

there are several good instructables about mould making, and the materials needed. as for the leaf material, i would use fiberglass resin. it will be substantial enough to hold and hide a small metal ring with a set screw in it. at that point i would guess you could just tighten the set screws on your steel cable. just a thought. sounds like a fun project, good luck.