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Making an electric Guitar - where do I put the pickups and bridge etc? Answered

there are several great sets of instructions on how to make an electric guitar, but they all same something like. Route the spaces for the Pickups where required. How do I know where the pickups need to go. I guess there is some sort of rule about how far apart the pickups should be from each other, and how far from the neck and bridge?



Best Answer 10 years ago

There are no rules for pickup placement. An electric might have only one pickup, or as many as will fit between the end of the neck and the bridge. I've personally seen guitars with four pickups, but conceivably, you could use more... A general rule of thumb for pickup placement: Closer to the bridge has a treble sound, and the sound gets more and more mellow as you move away, toward the neck. Some makers even rotate the pickups so they aren't perpendicular the the strings (like the bridge pickup on a standard Strat.) But for every maker that tilts one direction, there's an other that tilts the opposite way. It's just a matter of preference. Pickup wiring combinations offer an even greater variety of sounds... Single pickup "rock" guitars (yes, they do make cheap single pickup guitars for aspiring rock stars) have a bridge pickup only. Single pickup jazz guitars have a neck pickup only. (If you're wondering about bridge placement, it depends on the neck--the 12th fret of the neck is half way between the nut and the bridge.)


10 years ago

scientifically speaking - I'd copy an existing electric guitar...they probably did all the math for you already :D