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Making edible cookie dough? Answered

I am trying to recreate ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream. But I am not sure of a good recipe that i could use. Has to still be soft when the ice cream freezes.
Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

I'm not entirely sure, but the trick is to prevent the wet ingredients from freezing.  You don't need to make ACTUAL cookie dough for baking - you only have to make a cookie dough substitute that will mimic that mouth feel and flavor.  From what I've seen after a quick search, I really don't trust online recipes for cookie dough ice cream.

Some ideas:
Substitute vegetable oil for the eggs by volume.
Substitute vegetable oil for butter.
Increase the salt slightly.

I usually follow the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips since chocolate chips are historically made for cookies.  It's hard to go wrong with their recipes.  Tollhouse has the best for cookies IMO.

Make a small batch of the cookie dough balls and freeze it.  Test the consistency of the dough when it comes out.  Do not count on eating a bunch of it like it's candy.  If the consistency is right, soften a bit of vanilla ice cream and mix the frozen dough balls in to test how the combination is.

You may have to fool with the salt, sugar, chocolate, oil, and flour mixtures, so keep a log of everything you do and the results.  If you have an upcoming science fair, you can potentially submit this as your project since you can follow the scientific method, and there's a great deal of science involved in cooking.

If you succeed in getting an awesome cookie dough ice cream, please post the Instructable!


8 years ago

Just Google cookie recipes until you find one you like. Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookies would probably work best. To increase the softness, you could add a little extra butter to the recipe, but not too much. For maximum food safety, either use pastuerized eggs, or find a recipe that doesn't call for eggs.


Answer 8 years ago

Butter gets hard when frozen, you will want a softer (liquid) oil-test several for taste and how hard they freeze.