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Making of an Switchblade? Answered


I am wondering if any people know how a switchblade is made in a tool making shop.  I am hoping to make a switchblade this year.  I would like to learn from anybody who is able to teach.  I am only able to find one or two videos online which help.

I know that in many countries, switchblades are not legal.  However, here in Austria, switchblades are legal to own and even hold in public.

I apologise for my language.  I speak German and Spanish.  However, I speak some English, but I learned it later in life.  I read English better than I write.



3 years ago

Auch in Österreich gelten Butterlymesser und Springmesser als eine illegale Waffe.
Man darf sie zwar legal kaufen und besitzen aber nicht mit sich führen.
Also nix mit rumlaufen damit, es sein denn du wartest auf eine Vorstrafe.
Die Herstellung ist einfach genug wenn man mal so ein Ding gesehen hat, daher findest du wohl auch kaum Anleitungen.

Do yourself a favour and check the legal part again as you got it wrong!
You are allowed to buy and own one but not to carry it in any public areas or hidden for that matter.
They are still classed as an illegal weapon.
As they are more than simply to make you will not find too many instructions on making one.
If you know how to make a proper blade you know to make shwtichblade or butterfly knife.
And being classed as illegal weapons in most modern countries I doubt anyone here will provide you with detailed instructions.


Answer 3 years ago

i think they might be legal if you only have one arm.... sounds funny, but you cant open a pocket knife with one hand.

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Answer 3 years ago

U speak german or did you use a translator (because that translator is good at translating)