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Making pendants for a festival, need some advice. Answered

Was wondering where I can get pendant plate by the bulk? I tried to google and find some but never came across anything that great. Also any advice where to get other things needed. Basically I am going to make a bunch of custom pendants for a huge festival, and make them related to some of the artists and would like some help with technical stuff.


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12 years ago

Hi Glazed :)

One great pendant option is to use wooden Scrabble tiles. A set of 100 runs about $6.00, which you can purchase directly from the Hasbro Toys website (search replacement parts)or you can usually find them pretty cheap on EBay.

You can make some really stunning pendants with Scrabble tiles and a few other simple household materials. I have a few tutorials that show you exactly how to do it on my site - just check out http://thescrabblegal.etsy.com "Scrabble Tile Tutorial"

Good luck with your festival!

- TheScrabbleGal :)