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Making proper instructables seems to be impossibel :( Answered

I am trying to re-work an Instructable so it looks nicer and is easier to follow.
This includes getting some videos inside the text, something that can be done in this editor with the click of a button.
So far I tried the various buttons available and even HTML but either the video is just added to the top or in case of html is disappears.
Is there any good reason why you are making life so complicated for members?
Even a search with Google is fruitless as all results found refer to methods that are outdated and not working.
Do I have to activate a proper editor somewhere in the settings, is there a hidden button??
And why the hell are there so many buttons to embed something that only shows up on the top ?
In any editor I know I click on embed and it appears at the current cursor position, so why not on this website?
It would also really help to remove all those old junk instructables showing how to get a video inside the ible and to replace them with something that works.
I have spent now over an hour trying posted methods of getting a video inside my text that simply don't work :(



4 years ago

You ought to move this to Feedback (it is checked more regularly by the codemonkeys), and/or email your experiences to service@instructables.com


4 years ago

I have tried it now a few times with my next Instructable and simply pasting a pic or vid link only results in this link being shown in the text but not the actual video or image.
Pasting a vid link only works once I manually embedded an image first.
Adjusting the preview size of an image to get it properly aligned with the text only works through HTML directly, which in return likes to mess up the layout when switching between the editors.
I would really welcome a switchable editor like most forum offer.
Simple mode for text editing and advanced mode to embed things, format properly and include quotes and code listings.
I might be spoiled from my forum work but it seems I am not alone with those problems and especially a noob can get frustrated by the limitations of the editor system as it is right now.
My webmaster always said use the KISS!

Keep it simple stupid!
Only if the user can automatically see what a button means and does he will use it freely, make it too complicated and he gives up due to frustration and being insecure. ;)


4 years ago

Hmmm, videos seem to be placed in the text where I want them in creating a new ible. I usually go to a new line, paste in the copied url and hit enter. The editor them embeds it automatically and shows up as the video player to block out the video. I then go to the next line and start typing again. I sometimes use the chain link button and enter the video url there. It seems to work too. I am using winXP/Chrome. Maybe you have some add-on to your browser that is interfering?


4 years ago

Well, I finally manged to get the videos to show where they should.


But to do so I had to switch to the HTML editor and mually set Iframes.
Switching the editor causes all to mess up so you have to save and publish (maybe not this step) and reload the page in a different window to check if it is working.

Once the first video works as it should the rest is easier but still requires the manual addition of Iframes.

Simply copy and paste the link did not work at all.

Would it be possible to change the system so videos and images in the top bar can simply put in place inside the text by drag and drop?

Or at least to modify the editor so when embedding a link it actually is insterted at the cursor position?