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Making your own digital assistant using ardino uno gsm shield Sd card module and VR shield Answered

I am building a personalized assistant or a daily smart reminder sort of which speaks to you.

Using the Arduino R3 and GSM Shield:
SMS will be sent to the SIM card in the GSM shield connected to Arduino uno and the data fro the SMS will be extracted and stored on the SD card which will be displayed on an LCD screen. All of this will be voice activated and controlled. 

Need help with the logic and working of this setup.



3 years ago

Don't think an Arduino will have the power or the memory needed to hold the code to run something like that. If you want the system to respond to a simple sound, that can be done. But if you want it to listen for a verbal command the arduino doesn't have the processing power for that. You would need a Rasberry Pi or bette.