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Makita cordless mitre saw 36 volt Answered

Can anyone help to convert 36 volt makita cordless brushless mitre saw so it can be used from mains power ?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

When going shopping for a power converter, I think it is important to consider, in advance, the amount of power required.

Electric power (measured in watts) is the product of two numbers, voltage (measured in volts) and current (measured in amperes).

So, I think a setup to measure those two numbers, voltage and current both, is a logical first step. Also I think we want to measure these in the loaded condition, i.e. a condition where the motor is doing work, like cutting through a piece of wood.

Also if you want to see some, like, anecdotal evidence of other people doing similar things, I think there are instructables here, and maybe other tutorials at other places. I am guessing the words to describe this, are perhaps, "convert cordless power tools to mains power"


Again, my contention is this will be a lot easier if you can get some good, believable numbers, for the actual quantities of voltage and current, required for your tool.