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Managing high-voltage lithium-ion batteries in HEVs Answered

From EDN (Electronic Design News), comes this article:

Skyrocketing energy prices and the growing concern over carbon emissions have focused attention on electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. New lithium-battery designs will be key technologies for efficient EVs and HEVs.
By Michael Kultgen, Linear Technology Corp -- EDN, 4/9/2009
Safely getting the most energy and lifetime from a lithium cell requires some sophisticated electronics. One requirement, for example, is the ability to measure the voltage across every 3.7V battery cell in a stack of 100 series-connected cells. How do you cope with the 370V of common-mode voltage and reject 100V of common-mode switching transients? The design of battery-management systems for EV (electric-vehicle), HEV (hybrid-electric-vehicle), and UPS (uninterruptible-power-supply) applications requires solving many such problems.

How do batteries make cars "green," ...



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