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Marbles,Marble Cheese, MARBLE STONE ! and brick. Answered

A friend of mine is in the construction business and he has collected a bunch of crap. ( he knows i collect crap) So I got two big boxes of flat marble from my friend theres about 60 slats of stone in there. What should I do with them ? Along with that we got some old (really really really old bricks (1850)) about a thousand of the things what should I do with emm ?


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12 years ago

Hmm... both the bricks and the marble could be worth something as recycled building materials. For example, it can be hard to find matching bricks if someone is renovating an old house. "Green" homebuilders are big fans of reusing recycled building materials as well.

But then I'd expect your friend in the construction business to know that - so perhaps these are too low-quality or too mismatched.

Other than that...

- Use a marble slab in the kitchen to temper chocolate, mix ice cream, knead dough, or simply as a cutting board.

- Pave a marble hallway or bathroom

- Pave a garden path or patio - you can make all sorts of cool patterns with brick. The marble slats may make for good flagstones, but you typically want something a bit more "rustic" looking than nice square, glossy marble...

- Build a backyard brick BBQ

- Build a brick bench or seating area - especially nice if you have raised areas in your garden.

- Build a forge or kiln with the bricks. Note that they may not be able to handle the high temperatures, so you may need to line your forge or kiln with special refractory bricks - then again, good quality old bricks may be sturdier than todays only-as-good-as-they-need-to-be bricks...

- Build an outdoor game board - from a slab of marble, or even from the bricks!

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