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Mariko Kusumoto Answered

I have been trying to create color stripes in the same manner as Mariko Kusumoto. Cotton and silk thread have not worked. I think I need a different tool to apply polyester dye or different thread. The second image is messy but it was to test the strength of the dye on the bubbles. I think my problem now is how to draw the lines using polyester dye before steaming. 



7 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion. That would be far too weak. Polyester is really difficult to dye. I also mixed dye powder with 1$ shoji glue from Yamashin home center but that didn't work either. I need something that stains plastic.


1 year ago

Have you tried using thread that is already dyed such as embroidery thread? It almost seems like the color is transferred onto the fabric in the setting/steaming process rather than painted on afterwards.