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Material to build Project Box? Answered

I've finished a couple of circuits and I keep bumping in the same problem. Making a decent box for them. Its hard to find anything ready to use and i'd rather make my own stuff.

What your advise on wich materials to use to build stuff?  
I think it would be an awesome instructable, having someoen explain how to make your project a little bit more permanent with its on caseing.

Acrylic tends to be a bit expensive.
someone suggested ABS plastic but i cant seem to find anyone selling ABS plastic sheets near by.



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Best Answer 9 years ago

There are ABS sheets on ebay.

Otherwise, try corrugated plastic sheets fixed with hotglue, fold a box from thick card, build it from Lego, carve it from a block of wood, or build it from sheets of plywood, or fold a box from flattened soda cans...

Seriously, the only limit is your imagination.


8 years ago

buy a plastic box on the local supermarket. just make sure the plastic it's not brittle