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Mavericks surf contest Answered

The Mavericks surf contest is in process right now. It's the first time it's been held on a weekend, so I opted to watch the webcast rather than fighting the traffic going down to Half Moon Bay.

Mavericks is a big wave surf contest that is announced 48 hours in advance when the surf and weather conspire to create perfect conditions. It's estimated that there are truly big waves there 5-6 times a year. The break is located in Half Moon Bay, CA -- just 40 minutes from San Francisco -- so it's quite an exciting local event. The first time I went, I was simply amazed that tens of thousands of people would skip out of work on a weekday to go watch a surf contest with almost no notice; it's truly a Californian event.



11 years ago

Oh dude, those guys are insane! I saw step into liquid (the movie) and was simply blown away. I love surfing but can't really do it anymore because I moved to Wisconsin.