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Maximum cooling efficency Answered

I am looking to build a compact cooling unit, sized under 12"x12"x12".  I have seen and built 2 of the most common types of home made air conditioning units....

1) Run air across a block of ice or other frozen object.

2) Blow a fan through a whirl (or other pattern) of copper tubing and pump very cold water through.

So my question is which would offer more cooling capacity? The first option is cooling with Ice which is below freezing, with minimal surface area.  The second option is cooling with cold water but still above 32 degrees, could potentially have more surface area.


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10 years ago

You need to look at your energy movements.
If you're chilling water indoors (with a fridge/freezer) that machine is pumping heat into the room.
If you are using a fridge, you'd be better with an air-con unit, or making one out of a fridge perhaps?

Chilling brine and your copper-piping is probably going to be better than ice I think.