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Mc MADSAT Answered

Make And Do Show And Tell.

greensteam brought the Offline Mechanical Steampunkers' Blog which got a lot of use and went through all it's paper.
I brought the Toaster which attracted quite a bit of interest, the Clock and a couple of other things. I also brought bread and butter for the toaster, but there was some concern about setting off the smoke-alarms so I ate that on the 6 hour trip home...

For the making:
A group of crocheters, which I didn't get around to trying.
Making rubbery-goop from PVA seemed popular with the kids
Keyrings and such were being made from low temperature thermoplastic.
Various items were being made from old keyboards, including wallets and bracelets, and there was keyboard-dismantling to go with it.
The soldering group were building light-modulated audio devices (and fitting them to mint-tins) - this seemed to be a popular choice with people waiting at times.
A rather nice looking 3D model maker was brought, but due to a technical problem it wasn't able to dispense hot plastic on the day (shame).
There was some good steampunk stuff on display, some of it being of high quality and for sale.
A group of cake-makers brought some fantastic looking cakes / pieces of sugar-art.
Also some cardboard sculptures, things made from old umbrellas, crochet items, various other bits & pieces.
(And one exhibitor didn't turn up)
MAKE contributed some magazines, so I picked one of them up.

Thanks to greensteam for inviting me, here are some of the better photos that I took and a video compilation. The video is ~5 min, so I've saved at 340Kbps to keep it a reasonable size but it's still 11.9MB. There was a lot of background noise & chatter on all the footage, and with the exception of the light-modulated audio device nothing much of interest to listen to. That's why I dubbed a music track on it.




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Looking forward to a full report!


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You'll get a video tomorrow, and some commentry...
Greensteam will produce the official report (I assume)