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McWire CNC controller wont function properly. Suggestions? Answered

I built a McWire CNC controller and it won't function properly. I measured 19 volts at the A//B terminals when I sent a signal to the circuit via KCAM but I measured a constant 1.5 volts at B-/A- regardless of whether or not I sent a signal to it. I am pretty sure that I wired up the circuit correctly. The motor will "stiffen up" when I jog it with KCAM but it won't rotate. Any help would be appreciated because I am at my wits end with this thing. Thanks in advance!


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8 years ago

Break your problem down into small bits.

From the sounds of it your motor isn't connected as the controller expects.

It is important to get the phase correct - Think of the stepper motor as a series of electromagnets attracting a bar magnet - the electromagnets need to be energised in the correct sequence to take the bar magnet to the next position.

It sounds like you not doing that.

Check each coil in it's correct turn as you single step the motor so you can see what order they energise in.