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Meditation Timer Answered

I'd like to modify a simple egg timer for meditation.  My current timer makes loud harsh staccato beeps.  I'd really like a timer that made something that sounds like a long slow deep bell when the time is up.

I have no idea how to do this but I'm guessing someone does and can do it for less than the $100 ones they sell in the glossy Buddhist catalogs. 

Any help would be great



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10 years ago

 Get a regular mechanical timer.  Take it apart to mod the ringer thing so it doesn't hit the bell or casing.  It should still vibrate when the time is up.  Hot glue that to a set of giant windchimes - they have a deeper bell tone.  Hang it up. Set the timer and when it goes off, it will shake the chimes.  You may have to add more weight to the chimes so it doesn't shake too violently.  Good luck.