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Meditation Answered

Hello guys, in my first "instructable" I want to show you some pictures from when I first begun to meditate. I remember those days very clearly, like it was yesterday. At the age of 22 I was feeling very depressed and sad, and nothing was going right for me. I did not know what to do and I was very confused. I started to look here and there for answers for different questions but nothing was satisfactory. I was really unhappy.

Until one day, when a good and old friend of mine send me a movie about meditation and how to meditate efficiently. In that day, my life took an incredible turn. I watched that movie with great curiosity and I was amazed by the benefits of meditation. As soon as the movie ended, I knew that this is the answer that I was searching for. I started to inform myself more and more about this ancient technique, and in only few days after I have seen the movie, I begun to practice meditation.

I put in practice all the knowledge and information that I have gathered in the last days, and in a week I have already started to feel a lot better. Some old problems have already started to vanish, my depression was almost healed because of the answers and different states that meditation offered me. Above all, I was able to eliminate all of my selfishness and egotism from my behavior, which was a very important for me. So I really recommend meditation to every person on Earth. Reflecting on nature beauty can be a perfect method to meditate!



8 years ago

Sounds great which film you've seen about meditation ?

2. Question ... where have you made those pictures ?


Reply 8 years ago

Thank you for your compliments fhuber1. I am very glad that people appreciate my post here. The pictures was made on a mountain in Romania, when I did a trip there. The views were amazing and captivating.

About the film, you can find it here on my website:


This film will give you a lot of information and enrich your wisdom.

Enjoy, Mike!


8 years ago

Welcome to Instructables, Mike.

This isn't actually an instructable, it's a "forum topic", for people to read and chat about.

If you have a particular method of meditation that works for you, why not post an actual instructable of instructions or guidelines for other people to follow? There are already some meditation instructables, but there is always room for one more.

Just click the Submit button, and then follow the instructions from there (those photos are great, by the way, and would be good to use with your instructable).

(BTW, links are orange here.)