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Megan Reilly: singer, crafter, quilter, Instructabler Answered

Megan Reilly recently joined our community with How to Make a Patchwork Quilt.  What you might not know about Megan is that she is not just a crafter (quilter, painter, and mother. . . ), but also an acclaimed singer songwriter!  Her crafting background is apparent in the very title of one of her upcoming tracks, Sew the Threads into Your Heart.

I love being able to share stories like this of successful professionals doing amazing things who are also inspired by the Instructables community.  Megan is super excited to share a track from her upcoming album, The Well(click here!) and we look forward to seeing more projects of hers here too. 

You can learn more about Megan at meganreilly.com, and by following her here on Instructables

Welcome, Megan, and thank you for sharing your craft and your music with us.


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