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Member page featured projects Answered

On my profile page, when I try to change which projects are visible at the top and hit save, it never finishes and will still say "saving" after a few hours. Has anyone else had this issue?



10 months ago

Hi there,

Thanks for the report! What operating system and browser are you working in? It seems to be working for me using Chrome on desktop windows pc. I'd recommend logging out, clearing your cache and cookies, and then logging in and trying again, just to see if that clears it up for you. If it's still not working, if you'll let me know the details we'll have our engineer team dig in and see what's going wrong and fix it up. Thanks!

Sam (seamster)
Community Manager


Reply 10 months ago

I did it first with Chrome, and when that didn't work I tried Firefox with the same result. And on both a Windows laptop and desktop. Re-logging hasn't changed it either.
What details would you like?
No rush!


Reply 10 months ago

Okay, thank you again. We're looking into it! : )