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Member stats Answered

What is the point of the "Best answers %" ? With 220+ Best answers, and nearly 3900 replies to questions, my "BA %" is very low. Its a major disincentive to continuing to contribute, because I should go to great lengths not to help people further with their problems, after an initial answer, because it forces my statistics DOWN.

I'd appreciate a more meaningful statistic related to my contribution here.



9 years ago

.  I agree. With the current method of selection (and very often the non-selection) of BAs, I see absolutely no use for a %BAs metric. The raw number of BAs looks to me to be the better (more meaningful), though not perfect, measure.
.  Now if Robot could figure out a %-Right-Answers, that might be meaningful.


9 years ago

Maybe as the card code and general idea develops you'll be able to choose stats displayed, just a thought upon the matter.