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Metal Contest - Thank you Instructables and Lincoln Electric Answered

Here's a great big THANK YOU to Instructables and Lincoln Electric.

I just received my prize pack for the Metal Contest. I love it! The whole package is fantastic, but I can't stop playing with the Mini Multi Angle magnetic clamp.

Can someone please tell me how it works? How can I just switch a magnet on and off? I'm intrigued.



Reply 4 years ago

I looked at the product page and it states "No batteries or electricity required." so this might not be how this particular device works, but it is at least one way to switch a magnet on/off.


4 years ago

You mean you didn't take that thing apart?

I think if you look at those magnetic sweeper shop brooms, there is a super magnet on a hinged platform. When the magnet is dropped in contact with the metal/steel glide plate that "contacts" the floor surface, it becomes magnetized. When the handle is pulled back, the magnet is pulled up and the surface no longer is magnetized. Those 3 screws may be the shafts on some kind of cam gear system to activate multiple magnets on different surfaces with one knob.