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Metal Gear Solid: Big Boss Costume Answered

hey all i was wondering if anyone can help me in constructing the Big Boss costume im planning to take it to a convention :P also what type of hairstyle does he have? i cant tell xD ty all who help


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8 years ago

It depends on which Big Boss costume you want. There are many out there. There is various Naked Snake camos you can wear (with or without an Eyepatch). Naked Snake is Big Boss before his new codename. Then there is his military uniform, his MSF outfits (Sneaking, Survival w/various camo, Stealth Suit, Combat Suit). He also has his commander of Foxhound Suit, as well as outfit he wore in Zanzibarland.

Last but not least is his overcoat he wore whenever he wasn't fighting (first seen in MGS1 instruction manual as well as MGS4).

His Hairstyle when he was young was long, brown, and shaggy. The length in the back was just past his ears. As he got older it was clean cut and grey.