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Metal Work Answered

Does anyone out there have any knowledge on Cadam programming? I have a mini lathe and milling head and thinking about putting a Cad system on them. Would it be cheaper to just buy one already set up? Also looking for model plans to build and construct.



7 years ago

I never knew there were conversion/add on kits like this.  I guess they might be specific for what you have but it seems like components can add up pretty quick.  What were you planning to mill and do you have a budget for this "hobby" or business? Put cnc in the search box above and you might find some info in the ibles with homebrew cnc systems. Good luck and Semper Fi.

Roy Spacecaitlinsdad

Reply 7 years ago

Hi caitlinsdad.
I have a Sherline lathe and mill. They do have kits that fit up to their equipment but they are expensive. I was going to make a rolling ball clock and maybe some small gun models. I don't have a budget and buy materials as I go along. I'll checkout the homebrew cnc systems. Thanks for responding.
Semper Fi.