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Metal bic-style lighter? Answered

Hey all.

I'm looking for a compact turbo lighter. I wanted to get something BIC-Mini-styled, but made of 100% metal.
I've been looking for something similar for quite a bit of time but found nothing.

Can anyone recommend me something? Is there a way I can convert a regular lighter to turbo, in case I find a regular metal BIC?

Thank you.



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 9 years ago

Have you seen this place:
http://www.bugstores.com/shop ?
They seem to have everything under the sun.

BTW, the last place I actually bought a torch/jet/turbo type lighter from was this place:

DX has great prices, but of course most (all?) of the lighters they sell tend to have some kind of cheap plastic on the exterior of the lighter.