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Metal rod stock for furniture (especially loops) Answered

I wanted to make some shelves like this


but I have no idea which metal they used or how to bend it. Is there anything strong enough to support even some books that can be bent with pliers? If so, wouldn't it be really hard to get anything good looking? If not, how to bend? I know there are shop brakes, but aren't they only for sheet metal? And, surely you cannot make a 180 turn that small with a shop brake?

Also, what gauge/material rodstock to use? Is there some way (even approximate) to relate gauge and material to weight supported? 

Many thanks in advance




2 years ago

Stuff like this is usually spring steel and next to impossible to bend without a proper vice and a blow torch.
A good salvage for example comes from these pop up camping beds, clthes dryer or these electric fencing posts that you stick in the ground.
Heat until glowing red, bed as desired and then cool down in old oil or water.


2 years ago

It looks like 1/4" metal rod. It should be not big deal to bend it using a press or some kind of clamp, so it does not move once you apply force to bend it. Go to home depot and get some zinc rods, they are very cheap.