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Metal warehouse visit Answered

Last weekend my friend Don and I went to ALCO Iron and Metal in San Leandro, CA. Don needed some sheet metal and I will need some metal soon enough and I'd never been to any such place, so I went along to take a look. It was super cool, they had all kinds of metals in all kinds of forms - sheets, rods, tubes, blocks, foil, flats, angle lengths, meshes. They also did a lot of metal recycling and had tons (literally, I'm sure) of metal scrap of various sorts lying around in heaps, and baled up by type. I started out taking photos for reference, but ended up just taking pix of anything that looked interesting or would make a good photo. The recycled metal bales were especially lovely.

Here's a few pix to whet your interest, and the full set is on Flickr here: http://flickr.com/photos/mnrsiat/sets/72157605422168005/



11 years ago

I have never seen anything like that. Very interesting, yet awesome pictures. By the way, does Don work for Instructables?


Reply 11 years ago

Nope, he's just a friend of mine -- clearly about to get his 15 minutes ;)