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Micro Water Heater/Cooler Answered

The title says it all!

I'm looking for a small enough unit to carry (under five pounds, optimally), that can either heat or cool any liquids passing through it. I was initially considering cooling plates, but that requires an extra pump and more equipment, which kind of brings me over my weight total. 

It's also perfectly fine if both units are separate, as long as I manage to get my hands on something I can use. 



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7 years ago

Depends on what liquids you want to pass through and how much you want to heat or cool the liquid. How fast do you want the heat transfer. Portable is one thing, do you want it self contained with power. batteries, solar, gas, chemical packs, multiple use or one shot?


Reply 7 years ago

I was thinking water as my medium, and really only around body temperature.

Self-contained would be best, but isn't entirely necessary. Multiple uses is a must!