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Microcontroller Timered Surge Protector Answered

OK. So I have an indoor garden. A homemade Aeroponics setup for all kinds of lettuce, tomatoes even roses or other flowers for the girlfriend (dude this makes all of it worth it) but I want to be as clutter free as possible and well a gaggle of timers hooked to surge protectos is a hassle. I am looking to integrate a USB stick for the program into a microcontroller that will fit in one of those 8 outlet power bricks. There is quite a bit of unused room in these (almost enough for another row of 4 outlets). In Fact I have seen some of the 12 outlet models with the same overall size profile as the 8 that I have. It is just a regular old belkin entertainment center surge protector but I have a box full of various surge protectors etc. I even have an old backup UPS with a shot battery that I could use that housing but I would prefer a slimmer profile. I want to also use these to control the entertainment area kind of like a smart Kill-A-Watt. Maybe even the computers too. Each outlet could be individually controlled as well as master shutoffs. If you wanted to get really creative you could even set power usage limits for each plug or other Then you would just need a small desktop application to plug all the parameters into. This would by far be the most tedious depending on what microcontroller you use. I am always popping up with these ideas but I lack the expertise in several areas to develop something like this on my own. But I am pretty good at following directions.


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12 years ago

Arduino + 2n3055 + relay Good luck!